What is the Bully Awareness Protocal?

B.A.P. is the Safest Way to Deal With a Bully!

B.A.P™ is a program that allows student’s, parent’s,

teacher’s and school’s to communicate together to ensure a safe and friendly environment at school, malls or even at the playground.

B.A.P™ is an ANTI-BULLYING program that is designed for students to SAFELY report someone that is bullying another student or themselves.

We believe that “Yes, even bullies have problems” B.A.P™ helps to find the ‘source’ of the problem.

We are not making an excuse for the bully, we are just looking past the surface. We DO NOT believe in confronting the bully or confrontation in numbers. Either tactic could lead to a tragic and violent ending.

When an incident is reported, the B.A.P™ program goes into effect. We then have a list of programs to help and fix this rising problem…..BULLIES! I have designed B.A.P™, so that it is suitable for schools, children ages 4+, parents and teachers.

This is a COMPLETE Anti-Bulling Program that includes fundraisers, rallies, pep rallies, shows and of course it raises awareness!

B.A.P™ is the start of a wonderful change. Funding is needed to help construct B.A.P™, educate the intervention teams, be able to have workshops, intervention programs, to help to finish our book and literature expenses for publishing and printing.

For legal reasons, that is the extent of information I can explain online.

B.A.P is NOT a non-profit organization.

Please help to support B.A.P.

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