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B.A.P Wrist Bands (A donation)

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Official B.A.P RED wristbands. The all have BLACK ink. Kids size ONLY

200 in stock

Product Description

Thanks you for your donation to  the B.A.P program!

1 review for B.A.P Wrist Bands (A donation)

    4 out of 5


    Good day Bill. There’s a good chance you may not rmmbeeer me however during the summer of 1976 you served as my 1st squad leader at West Point. Your influence during our time together has surfaced periodically throughout my lifetime. I chose to leave West Point during my second year not knowing what the future held in store. Many who supported my efforts to gain admittance to West Point viewed my decision to leave as giving up on a golden opportunity with my future set in stone. I can say I was very much afraid of what was to come. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with challenges and wonderful life experiences along my journey. Fast forward to 2012. I stumbled upon your website by accident and was very much inspired by your life story. While my life experiences have traveled a different path, they are very much similiar in nature to those outlined in your writings. Should your travels place you near Boulder, Colorado I would welcome the opportuntity to spend a few minutes catching up on and extending my thanks for the influence you had on a young man a few years back. I’ll take you up on your offer to receive and wear proudly my very own Rusty Lion wrist band.



      Hi there,
      Who is Bill? My name is Danielle and I am the founder and owner of this website:-)

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