Attention Parents

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to find us. It means a lot.

OUR kids are being bullied more now than ever!!

When we were growing up they didn’t have programs for kids, a place where they can reach out and get help and support…RIGHT?? Now there is B.A.P!

When we bring this program to the schools, you will receive more information on the entire program. But until we reach that goal we are in desperate need of help. Feel free to tell your school about  the B.A.P program that you attended. I have called OCPS and SCPS and they both said that it is up to the Principal if they would allow B.A.P to leave fliers for each child at the school. If you would like more information on how to involve your child’s school to attend the next show OR please call us at 352.356.3555 or 352.356.8555.

B.A.P needs and should be in every school.

Your support through awareness and your time means a lot to us.

To help spread the B.A.PTM name we are asking that you sign your children up for our talent shows, our B.A.P shows, car washes and more. We also need for you to share a story with us about someone you know or a personal story about being bullied. Raising awareness is what we need, and your support can help us reach this goal. If you have the time please go to the link below and share your story. You do not need to leave a name, just your experience.

Thanks again.